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Which e-bike is right for me?

Which e-bike is right for me?

Which frame height is suitable for me?

To give you an idea of the suitable frame height for your e-bike, you can use the following table:

Body length   Frame height

150 – 165 cm    46

155 – 170 cm    49

160 – 180 cm    51/53

170 – 190 cm    56/57

185 – 195 cm    61

190 – 210 cm    65

The correct frame height depends on a number of factors such as your body proportion and the chosen model. That is why we always advise to have your e-bike measured by an authorized Timyo dealer. He/she will be happy to help you choose the perfect setting for your E-bike.

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What engine do I need?

The suitable type of motor for your e-bike depends on your personal preference. The two most common E-bike engines are described below.

E-bike with mid-engine

An E-bike with a mid-engine is considered by many to be a very convenient option. Because the engine is located in the middle of the frame, the E-bike’s center of gravity is balanced and has a stable roadholding for a very natural bike riding experience. A mid-engine E-bike uses a torque sensor. When you put a lot of force on the pedals, the motor will also provide more support. If you are touring quietly and need less support, the mid-engine will adapt accordingly.

E-bike with front wheel engine

An E-bike with a front wheel engine brings a different riding experience; it feels as if you are pulled forward. The front-wheel engine is usually more suitable for people who need extra support when accelerating, such as people with joint complaints. Front wheel engines are driven by a rotation sensor. This means that the support starts immediately when you start pedaling and does detect the force you exert.

Which range suits my usage?

The range tells you the distance you can cover with a fully charged battery. The range is based on a multitude of factors, including the weather conditions, level of support and the condition of your E-bike. To give you an insight into the range of your battery, you can consult the following table.

Battery in the frame  

24.5 Ah (882Wh)      ~ 120 – 220 km

22.4 Ah (806Wh)      ~ 110 – 200 km

18.2 Ah (655Wh)      ~ 100 – 170 km

17.4 Ah (628Wh)      ~ 100 – 160 km

14.0 Ah (500Wh)      ~ 80 – 120 km


Battery in rear carrier

17.4 Ah (628Wh)      ~ 100 – 160 km

15.6 Ah (562Wh)      ~ 90 – 140 km

13.0 Ah (468Wh)      ~ 70 – 120 km

10.4 Ah (374Wh)      ~ 60 – 90 km

How can I properly adjust my e-bike?

To fully enjoy your Timyo bicycle, it is wise to adjust your bicycle to your personal preference. In addition to the frame height, the saddle position and handlebar height are important as well. We always recommend that you visit an authorized Timyo dealer in your area. He/she can adjust the e-bike to your preferred position and also give expert advice.

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