Tweewieler Café: turning your bicycle shop into a brand

Aimee Schuppe
Jan 3, 2023

Your store clearly gains momentum when you position it as a brand. But how do you do that? Jan de Jong van Muon and Johan Rietsema of Binnenbrand Brand Environment Architects discussed this in detail during the first Tweewieler Café. Watch the interview now.

Jan de Jong of e-bike manufacturer Muon wants to take the two-wheeler industry to a higher level. It is essential that stores hold strong brands where the customer is central and the service level rises to an ultimate high level. Jan de Jong and Johan Rietsema from Binnenbrand shows you how to turn your store into a strong brand and position it well. Rietsema is the man behind the concept of Velodrome in Roden and the famous Rinsma Modeplein in Gorredijk.