Fast-growing Muon goes for energetic collaboration

Gianni Mraz
Jan 10, 2023

Muon is acquiring a strong position in the Dutch bicycle market. Since Eurobike, the sporty e-bike brand has also been looking more emphatically across borders. The specialist trade has a rock-solid position in Muon's strategy.

With great enthusiasm, Muon was launched early this year during an online session for Dutch bicycle specialty stores. During the past Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, the brand was also launched internationally, which immediately generated the necessary leads, on the one hand from dealers and on the other hand from potential distributors.

"Muon is now operational in the Benelux countries and in western Germany and is starting in Switzerland. It is expected that we will start sales in other European countries in the near future. We are in discussions about this now," said Jan de Jong.

Sporty and energetic

Muon's strength lies in its concept, which can be characterized as sporty and energetic. The name is based on the latter. A muon is a tiny elementary part that contains more than two hundred times the energy of an electron. "That energy can be found everywhere at Muon: in the support, in the geometry, in the people behind Muon. And especially also with our dealers who stand behind the brand. Their enthusiasm and energy are passed on to consumers.

This is also possible: Muon offers a beautiful sporty program of e-bikes in the middle and upper segment. With good designs and innovative techniques. A number of new models are being launched. Two of them were presented at Eurobike and Vélovak."

Dealer network

Muon is working on a selective and exclusive dealer network. Two-wheeler stores with interest should first and foremost share the enthusiasm for Muon.

In addition, they must be able to provide first-rate service. "We have a formula where we give the dealer exclusivity, provided he understands that he has a distinguished function in the chain. The dealer is the first point of contact for consumers. He is very important for customer contact, customization and service. His added value also consists of the supply of necessary accessories. These increase the enjoyment of cycling," says De Jong.

Muon always delivers its electric bikes through physical dealers. Now and in the future. "Our communication is intensifying and is increasingly done via the web and social media. As a result, we are increasingly in direct contact with the end user. Customers will soon be able to place an order directly from our site. But the dealer's position remains unassailable: he remains in charge of delivery and things like custom service, maintenance and, last but not least, selling cycling pleasure."


Lines with dealer network short

To promote dealer success, Muon keeps the lines of communication with its dealer network short. "We go a long way, especially also in the area of the further development of models. There is a strong emphasis on that with us. In this process, the dealer is an important link. He receives signals directly from the market where there is a need. Based in part on this feedback, we can steer our further development. By paying attention to details, we stay very close to the market," says De Jong.

"We want to adjust our models systematically. We can. From our own Dingyu frame factory and holding company, we are vigorously supported. There, too, the drive is great to make Muon a renowned e-bike brand."


Sporty team

Behind the scenes, Muon is building a team geared up to lead the growth in the right direction. Muon chooses people with an energetic and sporty character. Frankie Pattijn, a well-known former professional cyclist, is agent for the Belgian market. There is a vacancy for an additional account manager.


Innovation power

Although Muon has only just started delivering the first models, Muon's innovation team is already busy with new innovations. At Eurobike and Vélovak, Muon showed its dealers two new concepts, the Converge and Sense. The Converge is a trekking bike with a maximum capacity of 1288 Wh. (1036 Wh. plus range extender 252 Wh.) and the Sense a modern, sleek urban new wave e-bike with fixed front fork. "These models have received a lot of attention at both shows," said Dr. K. K., the company's CEO.

For Muon, the integration of a connectivity solution with GPS sensor is also a high priority. "We are preparing an introduction and applying the technology to the Invite model for the first time. We are working with Connected and KPN in this regard. For Muon, the focus is not only on theft protection; our main concern is to strengthen the relationship between Muon, dealer and customer and the far-reaching service possibilities that this makes possible." Here De Jong is referring to the tracking and push capabilities. "If an e-bike needs maintenance, the customer receives a notification to go to his dealer for a check. With connectivity, a lot is possible."

The integration of the connectivity solution is accompanied by the launch of a Muon-specific insurance policy. That comes with Kingpolis. "With Kingpolis, we already offer various insurance policies online from our dealer portal, including battery insurance that always pays out in case of battery problems."